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The Scheduler for Film and TV Production

Breakdown: Edit multiple scenes

For Roles, Filming Location, Extras (or number of), Specials, Time of Day and Script Day you don't have to add or delete or change 1 scene at a time.

Add to multiple scenes [Delete from multiple scenes - see below]

1. Open Main Window: click on Window (Menu Bar), click on Main Window

2. Click on Script Order

3. Select scenes with click, shift-click and cmd-click

4. Ctrl-click in column for the menu, click on the item

5. Item is added to the breakdown for the scenes

Delete Roles, Filming Locations, Extras (or number of), Specials and Script Day from multiple scenes

Note: Time of Day can be changed but not deleted.


1. Select the scenes with click, shift-click and cmd-click

2. Ctrl-click on the item you want to delete

3. Click on delete ...

4. Item is deleted from the scenes