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Importing the script from a PDF

If you can, import the script after a 'Save As RTF' in Final Draft or the Word Processor program, which was used to write the script. This will keep the format.
If you only have a PDF of the script, tools such as 'PDF to Text for Mac' http://www.enolsoft.com/pdf-to-text-for-mac.html keep much of the format.
If the script format doesn't matter because you won't be sending Sides (parts of the script) from WattWenn®, then Preview - the PDF viewer of your Mac - can help.

1. Double-click on the PDF of the script to open it in Preview;
Preview: click on the text tool (if necessary)

2. Preview: Click in the script, cmd-A (to select All the script), cmd-C (to copy all the script);

3. WattWenn: Click on File, select 'Import Script', click on 'Select from Word Processor'

4. WattWenn: Click in the 'Script Import' window, cmd-V (to paste the script)

Then follow instructions on the page for Import Script, Word Processor