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Set Role ID

Role IDs can be automatically assigned as below (or set manually ).
Auto assign will give the Role in the most scenes the Role ID of 1. When 2 or more Roles are in the same number of scenes, Role IDs will be assigned in Role alphabetic order. Roles in zero Scene Breakdowns (turquoise backgound) will not be assigned a Role ID. Roles can be given a new Role ID by using drag and drop, as shown below.

1. Breakdown Window: click on Elements Manager.

2. Elements Manager: click on Roles tab, click on 'Auto assign' button.

3. All Roles in at least 1 Scene Breakdown have a Role ID.

4. Select Roles with click, shift-click and cmd-click and drag to the new Role ID.

5. Drop selected Roles in the new Role ID.

6. Role IDs are shown in the Breakdown Sheet and, by default the Script Order Window, Current Sort, Current Schedule, Sortboards, Day out of Days