WattWenn - The Scheduler for fIlm and tv production
The Scheduler for Film and TV Production

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To send you the fully featured trial copy we need your contact + some hardware details, so download:


This .zip file will either be on the Desktop or in the Download folder you have set in the Browser - see Preferences - Safari (General tab), Firefox (Main tab).

Follow these steps:
1) Double click on WattWennDemoRequest.zip for the applet WattWennDemoRequest

2) Double click on WattWennDemoRequest

3) Fill in the fields in the 'Request a Demo' tab and click on the Demo Please button.

4) The file, WWEmailFor Demo will be on the Desktop. Attach this file to an email and send it to demorequest@wattwenn.com

The 30 day trial copy of WattWenn! the Scheduler will be sent to your email address within 1 working day. If it doesn't arrive please send an email to contact@wattwenn.com