WattWenn - The Scheduler for fIlm and tv production
The Scheduler for Film and TV Production

Add alternative Production Schedules to your Film / TV Project

Note: multiple schedules for the same project can give more flexibility

1. Click on arrow for menu, click on Add Schedule [Delete Schedule - see below]

2. Type in the New Schedule name, tab to and type in a short name (for DooD etc.)
Click on New Empty to start with a clear schedule; click on New Duplicate if you want to try changes to the Current Schedule

3. Type in the number of Shooting Days for the New Empty schedule,
click on Apply (with Set Length you can change the number of shooting days later, if necessary)

4. Start and End Day Banners are added for each Shooting Day


Delete the current Production Schedule

1. Click on arrow for menu, click on Delete Schedule.


2. Click on O.K. to confirm.