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Realtime Day out of Days - multi unit schedule

In the standard version of WattWenn, you can show the schedules for any 2 units.
So you can see when there are clashes with the same actor (or any other element) is needed in different locations at the same time. Can a body double be used? or do you need to change the schedule?

Day out of Days updates as you schedule, so as you make changes, they will be shown here too.

Day out of Days also shows availability of Actors, Sets/ Locations etc. from the colors set in the Diary so that you can see if you've scheduled an Actor when she is unavailable, have the permit for filming on that street on that day etc. With 'Show scene IDs' you can see what scenes need to be moved because Elements are not available or too expensive etc.

Example: Scene with CUPID in Pub has to be shot a week earlier in the morning, with another Camera Unit. What needs to change?

1. DooD: click in the box for multi schedule

2. cmd-click on the 2 schedules you want to compare, click on 'Show selected in report'
CUPID is in both schedules (but no other actor is)


3. click in the box for 'Show scene ids',
So can scenes 15 and 14 with CUPID be shot in the afternoon?

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