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Add Elements to DooD

Day out of Days updates as you schedule, so you can see what the project needs when and for how many days. It also shows availability of Actors, Sets/ Locations etc. from the colors set in the Diary so that you can see if you've scheduled an Actor when she is unavailable, have the permit for filming on that street on that day etc. With 'Show scene IDs' you can see what scenes need to be moved because Elements are not available or too expensive etc.

1. DooD - choose a category: click in the Category menu, click on a category

2. choose the Elements with click, shift-click and cmd-click or click on 'Select All' ;
click on 'Add to report'

3. Main Window - Schedule & Sorts: drag scenes from the Sort into the Schedule ;

4. Main Window - Schedule + DooD: Realtime DooD shows Elements used

5. DooD shows scheduled element not available

6. DooD (top right): click in box 'Show scene ids' to see which scenes need to be moved in the schedule

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