WattWenn - The Scheduler for fIlm and tv production
The Scheduler for Film and TV Production

Previous versions

WattWenn! making accurate Scheduling faster and easier since May 2006.

1.0 launched May 16 2006
1.5 released Oct 2006
1.6 released December 2006
1.7 released April 25 2007
1.8 released September 2007
1.9 released February 2008
2.0 released November 2009
2.1 released February 2010
2.2 released May 2010
2.3 released April 2011

Version 2.3 - tested with 10.5.5+, 10.6.6+
Breakdown Sheet:
- type ahead can give menu items with the first letters - no need to scroll down long menus
- enter elements straight into the menu - no need to use Elements Manager for cleaning up menus
- Sort (previously Find) now shows as a Sort , next to the Strips, to make it easier to Schedule. See http://wattwenn.com/find/index.html
- Elements Manager : lets you drag and drop elements between Other Categories (from say VEHICLES to VETERAN CARS).

New Main Window: Sorts including All Scenes and Unscheduled scenes next to the Schedule for easier Drag and Drop
Sorts: Arrange by Set/Location, Filming Location, Script Order, Shooting Day No., INT/ EXT, Time of Day, Script Day, Production Notes or Scene ID Prefix
Standard Sorts for Unscheduled and All Scenes http://wattwenn.com/easysorts/index.html

Day out of Days: make a new DooD from a menu which has all the elements in the Breakdown. Use as many of the elements as you want http://wattwenn.com/dood/actoravail/index.html
The same menu in the Master Diary lets you set up columns so that you can track when key actors, locations and equipment are available at a price you are willing to pay, and see that availability in the Day out of Days as you schedule.

Breakdown Summary: gives you the elements, number of scenes (with their IDs if you want) and length for all the elements in the Breakdown. http://wattwenn.com/breakdownsummary/index.html

Schedule Dates: made easier http://wattwenn.com/schedule/set-dates/index.html

Version 2.2
Realtime Day out of Days now links to the Master Diary and shows how the schedule works with the availability of Actors, Locations, Animals, Vehicles etc.

Import Script from Word Processor now has options for 1) scripts with well formatted scene headers (slug lines) with INT / EXT and Time of Day 2) other scripts

Breakdown Sheet - you can now add/ remove/ renumber and split a Scene without leaving the Sheet. Just click on a button.

Schedule: Set Dates - new easier set up.

Version 2.1
Banners: Multi-line with choice of Colours

Day Notes: Shooting Day and Date specific information (attached to Start of Day or End of Day banners), also multi-line

Tool Bar Menus: simplified

Version 2.0 was tested with OS-X 10.4.11, 10.5 and 10.6 It includes
New Breakdown Sheet: extended and rearranged, Find(formerly Quick Search) extended to Props, Vehicles etc., copy all or part of a breakdown to another scene

Colour through strips, sorts, sortboards (industry standard, choose your own or black & white)

Strips: One line or 2 line + multi-line synopsis, Horizontal or Vertical, End of Day or Start/ End of Day banners

Sorts: next to Strips for easier Drag & Drop into the current schedule, default Sorts always available for All Scenes and Unscheduled Scenes so you can easily rearrange by Set/Location (default), Filming Location, Script Order, Shooting Day, Int/Ext, Time of Day, Script Day, Production Notes or Scene ID Prefix

Extended Realtime Day out of Days... can now include Animals, Vehicles etc. to update on screen as you schedule

French and Spanish Scripts can now be imported from Final Draft and Word Processors

Version 1.9 requires OS-X 10.4+. It includes
Realtime Day out of Days - updates onscreen, so you can see how Roles, Extras, Specials and Filming Locations are used as you schedule
Print, PDF Day out of Days as well as Spreadsheet ready (tab delimited) and Browser ready (HTML) versions
Role IDs - show/ NOT show against Roles in Scene Window, Sort Results Window and Editor
Role IDs - Roles list Print, PDF
V.O. Roles - show/ NOT show in Strips and Sortboards

Version 1.8 includes
Drag and Drop  from the Script to Synopsis, Notes and in the Editor from the Script to the Add (to Menu) and Apply (Add to current scene breakdown and Menu) boxes.

Drag and Drop of selected scenes from Scene Window, Sorts and Sortboards to a Shooting Day in the Strips Window as an alternative to Assign to (Shooting) Day

Episodic and other IDs can be added as a prefix to the Scene number.

Export Sides (script) for selected scenes as RTF for Word Processors etc. -- in either Scene Window or Strips order - so the script can be added to Call Sheets etc.

Print Sides - for selected scenes - in either Scene Window or Strips order - so you can just print (new scene, new page or continuous) the script for a Shooting Day, Role, Location etc.

Print Scene Breakdown - Strips or Scene Window order; new scene, new page or continuous - with Scene Header and/or Roles-Extras-Specials and/or Scene Details (PROPS etc) and/or Script

Print Strips - landscape option now available for long locations

Schedule Dates - improved layout to make it easier to add dates to Shooting Days and set up the Diaries.

Turkish scripts can now be imported.

Version 1.7 includes
Shooting Day banners now made when importing a script, starting a new schedule or project.

Easier to add dates to schedules and set up Diaries - date range and working day setup now in Schedule Dates tab (Edit Production Diary).

Sort Options panel - with auto name sorts, the first item you Click on in 3 menus will be added to the Sort name.

Sorts: can now be rearranged by Int/Ext, Time of Day, Script Location, Filming Location(Set), Continuity/Script Day, Scene Note, Scene ID Prefix as well as Shooting Day/ Scene Number order(Default)

Button to select all scenes in current sort.

Redesigned Cards. Now Print (or PDF) on a US Letter or A4 Page 6 off 4 x 4ins (10 x 10cms), 4 off 4 x 6ins (10 x 15cms), 3 off 8 x 4ins (20 x 10cms).

Main Window - the three selector widgets on bottom right are wider for longer Sort, Sortboard and Quick Search (Editor) names

Production Diary - updates -R columns automatically after selecting a new stripstore for -R cols,  - updates ALL columns automatically after:-
a) linking a stripstore (schedule) to a Diary( set dates ) -
b) change of working day selection
c) change of diary
d) unlinking a stripstore ( unset dates )
e) when a stripstore is deleted - if it was the current -R update stripstore

DUTCH and GERMAN scripts can now be imported.

Version 1.6
Print enhancements : Cards 10cms x 10 cms (4x4);
longer Day Notes in Strips (Current Stripstore) and Production (Shooting) Schedule printouts.

Role IDs : Drag and Drop to change Role IDs.

Import (mins/secs): round up/down to the nearest sec (0.1 now an option).

Version 1.5
Prints the stripstore name and date/time at the top of the Current Stripstore (Strips View) printout and the Shooting Schedule printout.

Script Breakdown output - Export as RTF.
Outputs complete script breakdown for scenes selected in the Scene Window.
Select from Scene Header, Roles-Extras-Specials, Scene Details, Script.
Script (Scene Window) or Schedule (Strips Window) order.
Print from TextEdit or Import into Word Processors etc. and use in Call Sheets, Sides etc.

Import scenes from another script
Bring into the Scene Window for scheduling scenes from different episodes, script versions

Scenes selected in Strips Window can be selected in the Scene Window with new button

  Removed Scenes Window
Helps in restructuring a script, bringing in scenes shot for another project/script, archiving shot episodes of a project etc.
1) Added drag and drop in Removed Scenes Window
2) Added facility to archive to file the selected scenes and reload the scenes from file.

Scenes are sent back to the Scene Window with the following changes;-
with their scene id and suffix intact.
set as not shot.

Major rebuild of the Scene Renumbering sheet.
Makes it easier to renumber after scene splits, suffixes added.
1) scene up/scene down independant of changing the scene id
2) input to the scene id: now limited to digits 0 - 9 only; entry must exist; entry of 0 not permitted

  Rework of the Set Schedule Length sheet
Makes it easier to set/unset schedule length.
1) Length can be set from 1 to 500.
2) Addition of a button that unsets the schedule length
3) Current length text field shows "Current schedule length unset" if that is the case.

Insert Shooting Day and Delete Shooting Day in Strips Window
Available in the Strips Window menu as well as Move.

  Totals for Roles/Extras/Specials/Locations in Day out of Days HTML and tab delimited output
The total number of days for each Role/Extra/Special /Location is shown for budgeting.
1) Roles - if role is V.O. only on a given day, the total is not incremented.
2) Extras and Specials - if item appears in more than one scene, we add the largest 'count' for a scene for the day to the TOTAL.
3) If no number is set for an Extra or Special, then the TOTAL is incremented by 1 - as there must be at least 1 of the items present.