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Why People Love WattWenn®


What an outstanding program! I've used MMS since it first came out in the late 80's and spent over 2 decades working as a 1st AD on feature Films and Television. WATT WENN is a revelation and I congradulate you. I'll certainly be using it from now on and will recommend it to all my colleagues in NZ.’

Carey Carter, New Zealand Producer/Director/1st AD

In Texas where I wear many hats, I have to have a superior production software that's reliable, current, and support that's immediate. WattWenn has allowed me to A.D. several big projects on half of what I would have usually budgeted. There is no way i could do this without WattWenn and I will continue to use this software for all of my projects, of any size.

– Sharon Palkowetz


"It's intuitive to use."

"WattWenn raised my game."

– Jean-Pierre AFANLOME, Producer


"I'm not going back to MM now."

"Love the PDF output of the schedule and stripboard - so easy to email to Directors etc."

"WattWenn is really user-friendly and 'home grown'."

Helen Ostler, First Assistant Director
imdb page http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1153764/

"This latest version (2.2) is another big leap forward with colors and Element IDs."

"WattWenn is very robust. I have worked with many scheduling applications but in WattWenn I have never lost any data. Obviously this gives me the confidence that what I put in there, is there."

Florian Engelhardt, First Assistant Director, www.florianengelhardt.com
imdb page: www.imdb.com/name/nm1069055


"Importing the script is easy. (This is now a function on EP with Final Draft Tagger, but WattWenn is a one step operation.)"

"Having being used to the constraints and limitation of EP and Movie Magic, the flexibility of WattWenn is refreshing."

"WattWenn manages to make sure I spend as little time as possible on the manual task of scheduling, freeing me up to do what the Producer and Director want me to do: prepare and shoot the film."

– Chris Newman, first assistant director
Your Highness / Mamma Mia / Match Point / Love Actually / About a Boy / Band of Brothers / Sleepy Hollow / Star Wars: Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace. imdb page: www.imdb.com/name/nm0628040

Chris gives more thoughts on Scheduling and WattWenn here.

"The future of Film Production Management and Scheduling"

"I used to be a beta tester for Movie Magic... WattWenn! has what we always wanted... an easy way to import scripts and have them on the screen for the breakdown."

"I can now do in a day what used to take me a week"

Scott Thaler, production manager, first assistant director, line producer
Sahara / True Lies / The Long Kiss Goodnight / Behind Enemy Lines / Shanghai Knights
imdb page: www.imdb.com/name/nm0856940


"WattWenn is the future of movie scheduling"
"You definitively have the best response time in the industry!"
"You guys write awesome manuals"

Florian Engelhardt, First Assistant Director, www.florianengelhardt.com
imdb page: www.imdb.com/name/nm1069055


"Not only is the Scheduler fast and easy to use it's also well equipped to deal with scheduling multi episodic programmes which require cross scheduling of units, artists and filming locations. Intelligent and enjoyable to use."

Paul Slavin, 1st AD
Grange Hill, Dream Team, Hollyoaks


About his move over from MovieMagic and EP Scheduler:
" It's a steep learning curve but WattWenn! is so much faster it's like a move up from the Stone Age."

Eirik Kaasa Eliassen, Producer, Kaasa Film www.kaasafilm.no
imdb page: www.imdb.com/name/nm2138871

"The Scheduler is very easy to get started with, but has a lot to offer the experienced user. The Diary system, in particular, is a powerful and innovative tool to keep tabs on the progress of your project as a whole, not only the shooting schedule."

"The Scheduler is not just a tool for planning the actual shoot. I applaud innovations like the Diary system and the ability to work directly with a script, features that give you the complete overview of the project from start to finish.."

Eric Vogel, producer - imdb page: www.imdb.com/name/nm1471429/
Tordenfilm AS, Oslo, Norway


"A very good investment" (re Scheduler cost of £299 + VAT)
"It works exactly the way I want it to"
"For my documentaries, the Scheduler is very organizing in a non-complex way"
"The Scheduler let me kill all my darlings productively."

John Sullivan, Writer-Director-Producer


"Thanks for super service while my mac was down"

Frederick P N Howard, Producer

"You guys are really quick and provide great service. I like! "

Gisle Normann Melhus, Producer, The National Film School of Norway

"Like the best Mac apps, very logical and intuitive"
"Easy to learn"
"I imported a script from Word. Within a few minutes, the script was onscreen and ready for serious work to be done."
"For me the script is crucial. Importing it saves so much time typing in info."

Matt Lawson, First Assistant Director
imdb page: www.imdb.com/name/nm2090587/

"The speed you can break down the script is just fantastic. Very user friendly. Fun to use."

Rawdon de Fresnes, First Assistant Director

"The Scheduler saves me 50-70% of the time I used to spend on breaking down the script and preparing the initial schedule."

Peter La Terriere, Producer, FirstFoot Films

"I was expecting the First AD to spend his first 3 days of pre typing in a script breakdown but, even though the First was new to the software, we had a preliminary schedule at the start of the second day. On a tight shoot that kind of efficiency is priceless."
    "I really like how clear the Scheduler's Day out of Days is in html. It's self evident and HTML easily disseminated saving time and minimising the margin for mis-interrpretation."
    "Although I have a PC, watching Matt, the DP and the Art Dept work with their Macs made me realise how much time I lose due to a lack of platform stability. I can't help wondering how much down time that will translate to during the editing process and can we really afford to be without it?"

Aubs Tredget, Producer of All Bar Love for Te Papa Films
(Production Co-ordinator Lord of the Rings I & II)

1st AD Matt Lawson decided to use new scheduling software Scheduler 1.0 on All Bar Love. Producer Aubs Tredget was concerned, given the timescale involved.

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