Breakdown Sheet - Cast

Add Cast IDs in the Elements Manager, Cast.
Adding a Cast list is easier in the Elements Manager, Cast too.

Add Cast to the Breakdown Sheet
Cast speaking in the Scene, are added to the Breakdown Sheet on Script Import.
Non-speaking cast, found in the action, are in the Cast table with a magenta background.

EITHER Click on a Cast in the table(1) - Cast is highlighted in the script(2);

Break Cast 1

OR Double-Click in the Cast in Breakdown Sheet OR Click on the Menu(3) - highlights field and contents;
Type in the Cast, Return
OR Click on the Cast in the Menu, Return.

Break Cast 2


Add VO to Cast
Click on Cast in Breakdown Sheet;
Click on VO button(4).

Break Cast 3

Remove Cast from Breakdown Sheet
Click on Cast in Breakdown Sheet;