Breakdown Sheet - Sort

Finds all the scenes with the selected element in the breakdown so you can step through them and add breakdown detail/ notes. The scenes are in the order chosen in the Arrange By menu in the Sort Window, where the Sort is also available.
Add/ Delete an element to/ from all the scenes in a sort in the Story Order window.
(Control-Click in a field in selected scene shows the menu)

Sort on a selected element
Click on any menu (cast, filming location etc.);
Click on the element(1) - element is in Sort box(2);
Click on Sort.
Click on the arrows < > to step through the scenes.

Break Sort 1


Using a previous Sort
Click on the Sort menu(3);
Click on the Sort.

Delete Sort
Click on Main Window (Window menu);
Click on Schedule & Sorts(4);
Click on Sorts button(5);
Click on Delete Sorts;

Break Sort 2


Select sorts to be deleted with click, shift-click, command-click(6);
Return OR click on Delete;
Click on Cancel to leave.

Break Sort 3