Breakdown - Elements Manager - Cast

Add Cast to Menu
Type in new Cast in highlighted box;
Click on Add.

El Mgr Cast 1


Replace Cast in Breakdown Sheets
Lets you standardise on 1 version of a Cast name where there are several versions in a script.

Click on Cast to be replaced;

El Mgr Cast 2

Type a Cast in the box OR
Click on menu for replace;
Click on Cast;

Click on Replace.

El Mgr Cast 3

Window shows what has been replaced and scene ids where it has been replaced.

El Mgr Cast 4

to show a scene where Cast has been replaced:
Click on the scene id;
Click on Breakdown Sheet.


Add Cast IDs
Click on Auto assign.

El Mgr Cast 5

Cast IDs are auto assigned in order of the number of scenes a Cast is in.
If 2 Cast are in the same number of scenes, Cast IDs are assigned in alphabetical order.

El Mgr Cast 6


Assign / Change individual Cast IDs
EITHER click on the Cast in the table;

El Mgr Cast 7

Type the Cast ID in the box;
Click on Apply.

El Mgr Cast 8

OR click on the Cast in the left table;
OR click, shift-click to select more than 1 Cast in the left table;

El Mgr Cast 9

Drag the Cast to the new ID(s).

El Mgr Cast 10


Save the Cast + IDs for new scripts
Lets you use the same Cast IDs after importing a script.

Click on Save: Current Cast and Cast IDs

El Mgr Cast 11


Add saved Cast + IDs to a script
Also lets you see Cast which have been added as they don’t have a Cast ID.

Click on Populate List: using saved Cast and IDs.

El Mgr Cast 14

Fills the left table.

El Mgr Cast 15


Remove Cast IDs
Click (shift-click, command-click or command-A) on the Cast in the left table;

El Mgr Cast 12

Click on Remove.

El Mgr Cast 13


Delete Cast from Project
Cast NOT used have a cyan blue background.

Click on Cast;
Click in Locked box;

El Mgr Cast 16

Click on Delete.

El Mgr Cast 17