Breakdown - Elements Manager - Filming Locations

When you click on a Filming Location in the table, that location appears in the boxes for Add and Replace. This lets you easily add and replace new versions of the locations and correct any misspellings.

Add Filming Location to Menu
Type in new Filming Location in highlighted box;
Click on Add.

El Mgr FilmLoc 1v2


Replace Filming Location in Breakdown Sheets
Click on Filming Location to be replaced;

El Mgr FilmLoc 2v2

Type a Filming Location in the box OR
Click on menu for replace;
Click on Filming Location;

Click on Replace.

El Mgr FilmLoc 3v2

Window shows what has been replaced and scene ids where it has been replaced.

El Mgr FilmLoc 4
to show a scene where Filming Location has been replaced:
Click on the scene id;
Click on Breakdown Sheet.


Delete Filming Location from Project
Filming Locations NOT used have a cyan blue background.

Click on Filming Location;

El Mgr FilmLoc 5

Click in Locked box;

El Mgr FilmLoc 6

Click on Delete.

El Mgr FilmLoc 7