Breakdown - Elements Manager - Script Day

Add Script Day to Menu
Type in new Script Day in highlighted box;
Click on Add.

El Mgr FilmLoc 1v2


Replace Script Day in Breakdown Sheets
Click on Script Day to be replaced;

El Mgr FilmLoc 2v2

Type a Script Day in the box OR
Click on menu for replace;
Click on Script Day;

Click on Replace.

El Mgr FilmLoc 3v2

Window shows what has been replaced and scene ids where it has been replaced.

El Mgr FilmLoc 4
to show a scene where Script Day has been replaced:
Click on the scene id;
Click on Breakdown Sheet.


Delete Script Day from Project
Script Days NOT used have a cyan blue background.

Click on Script Day;

El Mgr FilmLoc 5

Click in Locked box;

El Mgr FilmLoc 6

Click on Delete.

El Mgr FilmLoc 7