(Schedule) Banners

Click on Banners(1);

Banners 1

Click on Shooting Day(2);
Click in the text field(3), Type in Banner text;
Click on background colour(4);
EITHER Return or Click on Add New Banner;
OR Click on Banner in Schedule, Click on Update Selected.

Banners 2

Click on Clear All for new Banner.
Click on Close to exit.

Add current Banner to another Shooting Day
Click on Shooting Day(2);
Return or Click on Add New Banner.

Add Production Time to Banner
Hours: Double-Click in box(5), Type number;
Minutes: Tab to or Double-Click in box, Type number;
Click in Timed Banner box.

Production Time for Banner will be added to timing for Shooting Day.
Select Layout Option Prod. Times to show timing in Schedule.

Moving a Banner in the Schedule

Click on Banner to select it;
Drag and Drop it.

Banners 3


Delete Banner
Click on Bannner in Schedule to select it;
Click on Schedule Tools, Click on Banner - Delete;
Return or Click on Delete.