Import a script from Final Draft

Languages supported: English, French, Spanish, German, Danish, Dutch, Norwegian, Turkish
Contact WattWenn to add another language.

1. Final Draft: Save as Rich Text Format.

 import FD 1a

import FD 1b

(to change between Pages and Mins/Secs for Scene Length :
Menu Bar: click on WattWenn, click on Preferences;
click in the box for Pages or Mins/Secs)

2. click on File;
select Import Script, click on Final Draft.

import FD 2


3. Confirm script language.

import FD 3


4. Click on script;
Click on Import.

import FD 4


5. Type in Script Length (WattWenn calculates Scene Lengths - these can be changed in the Breakdown Sheet);
click on Calculate Now.

import FD 5


6. Type the project name;
click on Save.

import FD 6


7. Script imports into Breakdown Sheet with Scene Header, Roles and Scene Length.