Import script from Word Processor (Word etc.) or screenwriting app (not Final Draft)

Languages supported: English, French, Spanish, German, Danish, Dutch, Norwegian, Turkish
Contact WattWenn to add another language.
Note: in the text window, you can edit in any missing INT/EXT, Times of Day etc.


1. Word Processor: Click in the script;
Command-A (Selects All the script );
Command-C ( Copy ).

2. WattWenn: click on File;
select Import Script, click on Script from Word Processor.

import WP 2


3. Paste (command-V) into text window.

import WP 3


4. To change script language, INT. EXT. style, Pages or Mins/Secs.
click on Change: brings up Preferences.

import WP 4


5. Click on Start.

import WP 5


6. Click on OK : to confirm script language, INT. EXT. style, Pages or Mins/Secs.

import WP 6


7. Click on EITHER: INT/EXT + TOD (will find Scene Headers (slug lines) with a Time of Day);
OR: All INT/EXT (steps through all the INTs and EXTs even when there is no Time of Day).
You can change your mind mid script.

import WP 7


8. Click on Set Header - Scene Header turns red to confirm and will Capitalise when the box is ticked.

import WP 8


9. Click on Next until the next scene header is shown.
Note: sometimes int or ext will be found outside the scene header.

import WP 9a

Click on Next again when this happens.

import WP 9b


10. After Set Header for the Final Scene: click on Import.

import WP 10


11. Type in the script length (WattWenn calculates Scene Lengths - these can be changed in the Breakdown Sheet);
Click on Calculate now.

import WP 11


12. Type in the name;
Select the folder where you want it saved;
Click on Save.

import WP 12