No script available

When you don’t yet have the script for an adaptation but want to do some planning.
Also used for planning what footage to use in documentaries.

1. Click on File (Menu Bar), click on New.

import no 1


2. Type the project name, click on Save.

import no 2b


3. Click on Script Order.

import no 3


4. Click on Scene Tools, click on Add Scenes.

import no 4a

import no 4b


5. Type in the number of scenes (up to 100 at a time), click on Add after selected scene;
repeat until you have the number of scenes you want in the project;
click on Cancel.

import no 5


6. Click on Scene Tools, click on Renumber Scenes.

import no 6


7. Type in the Scene Number, click on Auto Number;
click on Cancel (all the scenes are now numbered).

import no 7


8. Click on Window (Menu Bar), click on Breakdown.

import no 8


9. Scroll in the Navigator and click on scene 1.

import no 9


10.Click in the Script locked box (unlocks the script window).

import no 10


11.Click in the script window and start typing.

import no 11