(Schedule) Layout

Click on Layout)(1) to open.


Default Layout:
Synopsis (shown in Strips); 2 line Strips (expand to multi-line with other layout options selected);
Day Banners: Start and End(of day, with date, number of pages or mins/secs); white text, black background.

Options: Cast IDs (instead of Role Names);
Scene Shoot Times (shows start and end time for shooting scene - start time for shooting day/ production times for all scenes must be set);
Prod. Times - shots (shows production time and number of shots set for scene, timing for Shooting Day);
Show Unscheduled (shows unscheduled scenes at end of schedule);
Show Sort (shows scenes in the schedule in red which are in the current sort);
Synopsis (shows synopsis in 2 line strip);
Script Day (shows Script Day/Time in multi-line strip format);
V.O. Roles (adds V.O. Roles to scenes in schedule);
Width (Click on the middle mark if Empty Days Cut is not shown);
One Line Strips (use with Cast IDs as only shows top Role Name);
Day Banners - End only (default - Start and End);
Day Banners - Black (text) on White (background).

Click in box to select / deselect an option;
Click on Close when selections are finished.